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Faces of Hope: Dax

With Lifetrack's Help, Dax Can Overcome Any Obstacle
Lee Weiland

From Our Staff: The Job Search

Job Searching is never easy, but this information can provide helpful insight.
QPP's Hiring Manager & Lifetrack's Manager of Immigrant and Refugee Services

Business Partner Spotlight: Quality Pork Processing

Quality Pork Products located in Austin, Minnesota have developed a partnership with Lifetrack to employ qualified individuals through Refugee and Immigrant Services.

Lifetrack provides Short-Term Training for High-Growth Industries

Lifetrack's RENEW program is for Minneapolis Residents who are looking for a higher paying jobs by learning a new set of skills through short-term training. Scholarships available through June.
Instructor Michelle Neujahr

Learn to get out of your own way!

Are you ready to make your goals happen in 2014? Join us January 13-27, 2014 for our online course, GROW NOW: Tools for Getting Out of Your Own Way.