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Multi-generational family

The "Dagwood Sandwich" Comes to Life

For those of us who remember the cartoon strip Blondie by Dean Young, Dagwood would often be seen coming out of the kitchen with a mega sized sandwich with layers of meat, cheese, and bread. In the past people who took care of aging parents and young children have been referred to as the “sandwich generation”. Today, not only are people taking care of their parents and children, but now it has expanded to grandchildren and sometimes great-grandchildren. In addition to the added complexity of blended families.
Past Immigrant and Refugee Services Client

Donor Spotlight: Marbrook Foundation

Lifetrack’s Immigrant and Refugee Services was awarded a $15,000 grant from Marbrook Foundation to provide the vital employment assistance new Americans need to become self-sufficient.
TrixieAnn Girtz Golberg, President & CEO

Message from the President: Lifetrack's commitment to utilizing cultural-affirming practices

What do you feel connected to? This simple question is at the center of defining the complex term “culture.” Developing cultural competencies within our work at Lifetrack has required intention, humility, persistence and willingness for our work to be shaped by the goals, dreams and wisdom of those who look to us for hope and solutions.
Carol Evans

Keynote speaker announced for Work/Life and Flexibilty Expo

LifeBalance Solutions, a program of Lifetrack, is excited to present the 6th annual Work/Life and Flexibility Expo in partnership with Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota. The Expo will feature keynote speaker Carol Evans, President of Working Mother Media on September 24 in Minneapolis. Working Mother magazine, reaches 2.2 million readers and is the only national magazine for career-committed mothers.
Min and family

Cultural Connections: Strong Business Partners Provide Stable Job Opportunities for New Americans.

Min, a recent refugee from war-torn Burma, was motivated to start a new life in America with his wife and two children. However, he faced significant challenges: lack of job experience in the United States, dependence on public transportation to get to work and limited English language skills.